The AIDS Crisis

A Research Project for HISTORY 3CH3

The Historiography of Disease and The Taboos of Sexuality: Syphilis, Polio, and HIV/AIDS

I've mentioned before that the AIDS crisis began on June 5th 1981, when the CDC published its findings on the mysteriously deteriorating conditions of five gay men. This fact is important because it shaped the rest of the disaster. From... Continue Reading →


The AIDS Crisis: A Disastrous History  

What is HIV/AIDS?

For anyone interested in understanding more about HIV/AIDS ... (Open to Read More)

The AIDS Crisis: A Research Statement

"Disaster is a crisis situation that far exceeds the capabilities"- Enrico Quarantelli, 1985. In the same year that Quarantelli gave this quote, people were beginning to recognize the disastrous magnitude of HIV/AIDS. By 1985, there was at least one case... Continue Reading →

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