The AIDS Crisis

A Research Project for HISTORY 3CH3


President Ronald Reagan

Surgeon General’s Report, 1986: A Primary Source Analysis

President Reagan announced that he would be appointing an "AIDS czar" in 1985. That person turned out to be Dr. C. Everett Koop, the surgeon general. Dr. Koop spent the next year researching HIV/AIDS and consulting with experts until October... Continue Reading →

Public Awareness in the First Years of the AIDS Crisis, 1981-1985: A Slidecast Presentation

My Slidecast Presentation! (Open to Read More)

AIDS Education Before 1985: The Domain of Gay Men

On October 2nd 1985, American actor and icon Rock Hudson died of AIDS-related causes at age 59. His death was a huge deal for Americans; imagine if all the celebrity deaths of 2016 were combined and you can picture the reactions of... Continue Reading →

The Discovery of HIV: Science, Economy, and Global Disease

The discovery of the AIDS virus in 1983-1984 became exposed to a lot of international controversy and contention, which is perhaps one of the reasons that HIV denialism developed in response. Legal disputes, scientific inconsistencies, political motivations, and even personal grudges all played a part in deciding... Continue Reading →

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